Prodigal Son




This album took more than a year to put together. There are so many people I need to thank concerning this album. Please forgive me if I forget to mention you. First of all, an album would be nothing without great songs. I want to thank all the talented songwriters for their gift of words and music. To my dear friends Bob Halligan, Tom Horan, Buddy Connolly and my Dad, Joseph Cooney, for their input during the infancy of this album. My goal was to make an inspirational CD that would reach people of all ages, especially young people. I think we achieved that. I would like to thank all the musicians, especially Steve Smith and Jerry Kroon. These guys are good! To my Producer in Nashville, Michael G. Smith, we have recorded a lot of things together. Thank you for your guidance and experience. There’s a talented person in New York that I would like to recognize who worked endless hours with me on this project. His name is Tim DaCosta. Tim, I sincerely thank you. Thanks Dad for all your wisdom and being there for me unconditionally. To my wife Susanna and my children, Shannon and Ryan. I love you more than life itself. Thank you Mom in Heaven. I feel you around me always. Thank you for guiding me through this album. Finally, Thank you Heavenly Father for all gifts you have given me. I pray that the messages in these songs will reach many people and bring them back into your loving arms. I ask this through your son Jesus.
Dedicated to the memory of my dear friend and fellow musician Randy Hauser. To the Henke Family, you have been more than family to me, to my Church, Our Lady of Lourdes. To all our fans, thank you for your support.

I Wanna Be Different
Soul Mates
The Prodigal Son
Hi, My Name is Jesus
Since I Found You
Only You (Are Holy)
Here I Am Lord
I Can Disappear
Sing of Mary
The Lord’s Prayer


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