I’ll Be Me (MP3)




Thank you for picking up my latest musical work. On this CD you will find an eclectic collection of songs of Country, Heritage, Faith and Friendship. Songs such as Emigrant Eyes and Giant Land describe the true American story, and songwriters like Stephen Foster, America’s first professional songwriter of the mid 1800s paved the way for songwriting as we know it today. As you listen to the Stephen Foster Tribute, you will hear songs that have stood the test of time. I have always loved his music and decided to research over 1000 of his songs. I came across a beautiful song he wrote in the 1850s called Ah! May The Red Rose Live Always, it is poetry put to music. There are three songs of friendship that I know you will enjoy; You Were Never Too Far From My Mind, written by my long time friend from Ireland, Nick McCarthy; You Raise Me Up, written by another old Irish friend, Brendan Graham and It’ll Be Me written by the legendary Larry Gatlin. Bring Me Home really hits the mark describing the feelings of an American soldier being deployed home after proudly serving his time. There are three writers on this song; one is Colm Graham, Brendan Graham’s brother, who has played guitar in my Band for the last 20 years. No album of true Irish or American substance would be complete without recognizing our faith, in this case, our Christian faith. I have included three of my all time favorites. Enjoy…

1.  The Giant Land
2.  You Raise Me Up
3.  It’ll Be Me (Andy Cooney, Larry Gatlin, Ronan Tynan)
4.  Emigrant Eyes
5.  Dancing the Dublin Reel
6.  You Were Never Too Far From My Mind (Duet with Crystal Gayle)
7.  Lady of Knock  8.  Ah! May The Red Rose Live Always!
9.  The Holy City (Jerusalem)
10. Stephen Foster Tribute (Andy Cooney, Crystal Gayle, Larry Gatlin, Ronan Tynan)
11. How Great Thou Art
12. It’ll Be Me (Reprise)


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