The Definitive Andy Cooney Collection (MP3)


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The songs I have chosen for my latest CD are songs that I truly love and love to sing. There are two that have not been on any of my CDs, “I Won’t Turn My Back on You” I am singing with Daniel Rodriguez and Michael Amante as part of The New York Tenors and the other song, “A Woman Like That” was recorded in Nashville, but never released. I would like to thank all of the special guests on the CD, Daniel and Michael of The New York Tenors, Crystal Gayle, Louise Morrissey and Catherine Coates.

I Won’t Turn My Back on You [3:21]
The Giant Land [4:57]
The Way Dreams Are
Rock ‘n Roll Kids (Duet with Catherine Coates)
Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore
I Will Be Here
Emigrant Eyes
Dancing the Dublin Reel
You Were Never Too Far From My Mind (Duet with Crystal Gayle)
The Prodigal Son
Pretty Amazing Grace [5:17]
A Woman Like That [3:57]
One for the Ages (Duet with Louise Morrissey)


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