Galway Shawl

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Galway Shawl

  • Release date: 2001
  • Label: Mill Pond Music

There are so many people to thank for all the hard work that went into this album. First, I would like to thank Des Moore for making his time available despite his busy schedule with Riverdance on Broadway. Des, your gifted guitar playing has set the mood for this album. It was an honor and privilege to work with you again. Also from Riverdance, bass player Tony Steele. Thank you for your time. Another very busy and popular musician who I have had the opportunity to record with in the past is Joanie Madden. Thank you Joanie, for your friendship and your incomparable musicianship on this album. And thanks to all the other talented people that worked on this album: Buddy Connolly, Marie Reilly, Eamon O’Rourke, Brian O’Driscoll. A special thanks to Angelo Dipipo for your beautiful string arrangements and tasty accordion playing on “Daughter of Mine”. It was indeed a pleasure to work with you. Thank you Tim DaCosta for your expertise in the recording studio and your fine musicianship. It was an honor and a privilege to record “Take Me Home To Mayo” with Derek Warfield from the legendary Wolfetones. Thank you Derek. I think we gave this song the dignity it deserves. A special thanks to John Imshof for helping me select some of the songs. A big thanks to all those that work so hard at Rego Irish Records and Irish Music Corp. Thank you for believing in me and my talents. Thank you to my family, my wife Susanna and my children Shannon and Ryan, for all your support. Finally, thank you Lord for allowing me to do what I love the most.

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